The Finest Home Glass

Do you have windows at your residence that are chipped or cracked and in need of refurbishment? We are your reliable choice for window restoration and repair service solutions. Superior Replacement Windows Carefree in Carefree, Arizona is an expert in replacing and fixing high-quality window projects.

Excellent Custom made Glass Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures

Superior Replacement Windows Carefree are leaders in the area of design, configuration and installation of custom glass shower enclosures for bathroom shower doors, sliding shower doors, and frameless shower doors and tub enclosures. We provide assurance that the enclosure is ventilated accordingly and ensure water containment measures are taken in order to avoid leaks and shower head spray around the enclosure. By using common glass sizes we are able to mitigate costs by keeping cutting and assembly specifications at a minimum. In order to supply your bathroom or tub with everlasting beauty and value, it’s important for a glass shower enclosure to be measured and installed properly.

The Safest Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

sliding-glass-doors-carefree-azIn Carefree, it is well known that sliding glass doors can be vulnerable windows. A lot of things can produce chips and fractures in windows including stray balls from nearby golf games, particles from landscaping, and animal mishaps. The answer is for us to deploy tempered or laminated safety glass sliding doors. Insulated glass is usually used because of the size of the doors as this is economical and saves energy.

Custom Glass Table Tops

Superior Replacement Windows Carefree makes custom glass that is designed to fit any tables in the home and various kinds of furniture, including patio tables made with umbrellas. A glass expert will visit your house to specify the glass type (safety), thickness, edging and dimensions to meet your table top application.

Sophisticated Residential or Commercial Bow and Bay Windows

Great care is taken by Superior Replacement Windows Carefree in choosing and designing bow and bay windows which will beautify your property or commercial property and add to its value. We have a large range of curved, boxed and bayed window designs and angles. A tinted, insulated, laminated or architectural glass can be determined to improve the performance of the bow or bay window.

Customized Mirror Glass

Superior Replacement Windows Carefree offers custom made glass mirrors, wall mirrors, bar mirrors, vanity mirrors, bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors and shelving. We meet with you to guide you in creating a new original layout for your property or work area. Our installation staff utilizes premium hardware and adhesive products to ensure your mirrors are long lasting.

Insulated Glass is a Smart Solution

Saving energy and being conscious of the environment make Superior Replacement Windows Carefree insulated glass the right choice for any living or work space needing window replacements. Dual pane or multiple panes are available to provide a thermal and sound barrier.

Lead Resistant Skylights and Roof Windows

Skylights and roof windows are uncovered openings which are vulnerable to the weather, particles from the air and trees. Superior Replacement Windows Carefree specializes in replacement of residential and business skylight and roof windows due to damage. Preventative techniques are employed for proper sealing and fit to be sure water seapage doesn’t arise.

The Finest Specialized Glass Shelves

Superior Replacement Windows Carefree custom fits glass shelves in furniture or wall mounts. Our extremely experienced specialists are skilled at putting in a broad variety of shapes, tinting, mirrored or laminated glass.

Tailored Window Screens

Screens made to order and replacement screens for your house or company windows can assist with energy savings and prevent airborne debris and insects from coming indoors. Superior Replacement Windows Carefree handles all types of screening projects like those for large area sliding doors, solar screens, pet screens, curved windows and security screens.